Quality marks

We proudly carry the following quality marks.

Keurmerk ABU logo


We are a member of the Algemene Bond van Uitzendondernemingen. This is the trade organisation for temporary employment agencies that represents the interests of more than 150 temporary employment agencies, particularly in the medium-sized and large business segment of the temporary employment sector. (www.abu.nl)

Keurmerk NEN 4400-1 logo

NEN 4400-1

We are certified in accordance with the NEN 4400-1 standard. This contains requirements for testing companies that provide personnel, such as employment agencies, payroll companies and subcontractors in the construction industry. It is tested whether these companies comply with all obligations that arise from their business activity, the provision of labour.

These obligations include correct and timely declaration and payment of payroll taxes and turnover tax and the administration of employee files and identity documents in accordance with the standards.

Keurmerk Erkend Leerbedrijf logo

Erkend Leerbedrijf

We are a training company recognised by the ECABO foundation and thus have the possibility of providing professional practice training for secondary vocational education. The MBO courses to which this recognition applies are listed in the ECABO recognised training companies register.

Keurmerk SNA Keurmerk logo

SNA Keurmerk

The abbreviation SNA means Labour Standards Foundation. The SNA quality mark was created to limit the risks concerning chain and hirer liability.

If an organisation is SNA certified, it can demonstrate that it does business in a reliable manner. It is clear to everyone that A-Flex adheres to the rules and that A-Flex is working to make the labour market in the Netherlands fairer and healthier.

Keurmerk SNF Keurmerk logo

SNF Keurmerk

The abbreviation SNF stands for Stichting Normering Flexwonen. With the SNF mark of quality you demonstrate to municipalities, housing corporations, clients, employees and residents of the housing sites that they meet the set standards. In this way the mark of quality ensures that you win the trust of all these stakeholders. The quality of housing for labour migrants is thus guaranteed.

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